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Farrow and Ball curated by Liberty

Welcome to a brand-new original edit, where richly pigmented paint colours from the Farrow & Ball Archive meet complementary Liberty Interiors Fabrics from The Modern Collector range.

Curated by Farrow & Ball and Liberty experts, the edit is home to 15 irresistible hand-picked combinations of colour and print, creating a series of timeless looks for a new generation of homes.  

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from £4.95
Archive Colour: Farrow and Ball Clunch No.2009. Clunch is aptly named after the chalk stone used in building blocks because it has a very dependable feel to it. Although some people see it as a soft grey, it actually has a yellow base making it the easiest of colours to...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Archive No.227. A classic taupe. Named to reflect our traditionally rooted history, Archive is a stronger, warmer version of Joa’s White. Perceived by many as a classic taupe, it has a slightly cleaner feel than Oxford Stone and creates a rich glow in any room. This colour...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Smoked Trout No.60 A warm mushroom. The name of this Farrow & Ball classic needs no explanation! Brimming with rich pigments, Smoked Trout is a dark mushroom tone that can read as anything from a deep taupe to a dustier red depending on the light. With a magical...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Potted Shrimp No.9906 A traditional blush colour. A touch lighter and more yellow than Setting Plaster, the classic blush colour of Potted Shrimp results in rooms that feel delightfully familiar and embrace you in their warmth. Recommended Primer & Undercoat: White & Light Tones Complementary white: Dimity
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Berrington Blue No.14 A blackened mid-tone blue. This blackened mid-tone blue, originally taken from the boudoir at Herefordshire's Berrington Hall, is a stronger alternative to the ever-popular Oval Room Blue. With its large dose of black, Berrington Blue is to blues what Card Room Green is to...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Sloe Blue No.87 A black-based blue. Sitting between Oval Room Blue and Inchyra Blue, the black-based Sloe Blue is the perfect colour for contemporary living rooms or distinctive exterior woodwork. Recommended Primer & Undercoat: Dark Tones Complementary white: Shaded White
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Potted Serge No.9919 A chic dark blue. Stronger than Drawing Room Blue and less green than Hague Blue, Serge is a chic shade named after the original fabric used to make jeans. It makes a wonderful dining room colour, creating an elegant feel that's well-suited to entertaining...
from £29.00
Farrow and Ball Olive No.13 A rich earthy green. Olive is a very earthy green originally used in panelled rooms. It’s best suited to darker spaces, where the richness of this colour really comes into its own. For this reason, it looks most at home when paired with a traditional...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Suffield Green No.77 A 'good-taste' green. This 'good-taste' neo-Georgian green was often seen on pre-war historical colour cards. Livelier than Sutcliffe Green and a little more intense than Breakfast Room Green, it remains a firm favourite in contemporary homes. Recommended Primer & Undercoat: Mid Tones Complementary white:...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Fruit Fool No.9911 A mouthwatering pink. Taking its name from the summer pudding so popular in the post-war era, this mouthwatering pink never feels too sweet due to its underlying blue tone. Recommended Primer & Undercoat: Red & Warm Tones Complementary white: Skimming Stone
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Chine Green No.35 A dark off-black green. This earthy green takes its name from a steep-sided coastal gorges that are a common feature of the landscape around our home on the south coast of England. Used on cabinets, it creates the familiar feel of a working kitchen...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Cola No.9918 A red-based brown. Cola's red undertones set it apart from the cooler, darker shades of Mahogany and Tanner's Brown. Its underlying warmth makes it perfect for those looking to embrace and enhance the intimacy of a small space. Recommended Primer & Undercoat: Dark Tones Complementary...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Potted Cane No.53 An earthy-based yellow. A little less intense than India Yellow and slightly cooler than Sand, Cane is a wonderfully earthy yellow that has a surprising brightness to it when artificially lit. Recommended Primer & Undercoat: Red & Warm Tones Complementary white: Lime White
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Pantalon No.221 A modern colour with a traditional character. Neither brown nor green, the mysterious tone of Pantalon changes in different light conditions, making it a particularly captivating shade for exterior paintwork. As featured in a new edit of colours exclusively curated by Liberty. Discover richly pigmented...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Chemise No.216. A stony modern gray. This popular colour is similar to Charleston Gray, but with a little less warmth. It looks equally at home in an airy, industrial space as it does in a historic home. Use Mid Tones Undercoat. Complimentary white: Skimming Stone

Your quick guide to Farrow and Ball paints and finishes

Are Farrow and Ball paints eco-friendly?

All Farrow and Ball paints are completely water-based making them great for the environment and also makes washing up afterwards really easy.

Which is the best finish to use in a reception room?

Farrow and Ball comes in a variety of finishes, but for walls, the Estate Emulsion is the classic Farrow and Ball chalky finish and is ideal for low-maintenance areas like reception rooms, bedrooms etc.

Which Farrow and Ball finish should I use in a bathroom?

The best finish to use in a bathroom or any space that is high-maintenance is the Modern finish. This comes in both emulsion and eggshell and is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, utility/boot rooms etc.

What finish is used for wooden floors?

Modern Eggshell is the toughest and most durable finish in the Farrow and Ball range and is perfect to use on all interior floors. It's really durable and has a lo-sheen level making it perfect for floors. This ultra-durable eggshell is tough enough for floors, and it can also be used throughout the home on skirting, doors, kitchen cabinets, furniture, and radiators.

What is the difference between Modern Emulsion and Estate Emulsion?

Farrow and Ball Estate Emulsion is the signature chalky matt finish for interior walls and ceilings that is wipeable but not washable, whereas the award-winning matt Modern Emulsion is Washable, scuff-proof, and protected against mould, it’s suitable for use in every room in the home.

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