Farrow & Ball | Natural History Museum Collection

Farrow & Ball | Natural History Museum Collection

Farrow and Ball - New Paint Collection in collaboration with the Natural History MuseumCOLOUR BY NATURE in collaboration with Natural History Museum.

Over two centuries since its publication in 1814, Verner's Nomenclature of Colours is still a treasured tool for scientists and artists alike. In a pre-photographic age, it gave the world an official classification of colour in nature, allowing intrepid explorers to fully describe the ever-expanding world around them. Among these was Charles Darwin, for whom the book proved indispensable on the 1831-36 voyage of HMS Beagle.

Today, these hues form the inspiration behind our palette with the Natural History Museum, a collection that allows you to bring the true colours of nature into your home.

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from £4.95
Snow White No.W1 A fresh, delicate white. Snow White is a wonderful alternative to a pure white, versatile enough to be used on woodwork and ceilings alongside any other colour. A tiny hint of yellow pigment is the secret to its warm and reflective nature, bouncing light around in even...
from £4.95
Orange Coloured White No.W5 A warm cream with a hint of orange. Orange Coloured White is a fresh yet warm cream particularly suited to north facing spaces. The addition of the merest amount of red pigment to this earth based neutral adds a delicate luminosity without feeling too creamy, creating...
from £4.95
Skimmed Milk White No.W7 A mid-tone off white. Skimmed Milk White is a mid-tone off white with extraordinary softness. Its laid-back nature creates rooms that feel as if they have been that colour forever, whether used on woodwork alongside a stronger wall colour, or on walls with a Snow White...
from £4.95
Ash Grey No.W9 A relaxed green-grey. Ash Grey has a relaxed feel that makes it suited to any space, particularly when combined with the slightly warmer Skimmed Milk White on woodwork. For a more modern look, try teaming with a lighter Snow White trim. The underlying green in this shade...
from £4.95
Broccoli Brown No.W108 A quiet dark stone. Broccoli Brown is a quiet dark stone colour that sits effortlessly alongside natural materials such as weathered wood or flagstone floors. Its muted quality makes it ideally suited to studies, where its reserved tone serves as the ideal backdrop, especially when taken over...
from £4.95
Ultra Marine Blue No.W29 A romantic mid-toned blue. A stunning blue with a slightly romantic feel, Ultra Marine Blue has been in favour since the 18th century, when it was often used to make small rooms feel bigger. For the contemporary home, it looks striking on cabinetry, especially combined with...
from £4.95
Imperial Purple No.W40 A rich deep purple. Deep Imperial Purple transforms dining rooms and other intimate spaces, creating a luxurious look and enveloping feel. Used in smaller quantities, such as inside a bookcase, it can add a rich pocket of colour to even the most neutral of rooms – try...
from £4.95
Scotch Blue No.W24 A deep, intense blue. This intensely pigmented blue brings a smart look and luxurious atmosphere to any room, especially those designed for entertaining. Particularly eye-catching when combined with Ash Grey woodwork, Scotch Blue creates inviting spaces that you can’t wait to escape to at the end of...
from £4.95
Emerald Green No.W53 A bright, uncomplicated green. Emerald Green is easy to use in all sorts of homes, creating rooms with an upbeat yet elegant atmosphere. This beautiful jewel tone makes an excellent addition to strong multi-coloured schemes, especially alongside Lake Red and Ultra Marine Blue, where it strikes a...
from £4.95
Verdigris Green No.W50 An elegant copper green. While happy and lively on first glance, Verdigris Green retains a reassuring feel and underlying elegance when used in the home. A rich blend of pigments allows it to feel more vibrant teamed with lighter tones than with darks, and it takes on...
from £4.95
Sap Green No.W56 A true earthy green. This organic green is a true reflection of nature, creating a soft, lived-in atmosphere when combined with Broccoli Brown and Duck Green. Used in smaller spaces, such as a hallway or porch, it creates a richer, more vital atmosphere. Primer & Undercoat: Mid...
from £4.95
Duck Green No.W55 A smart deep green. Named after the deep green plumage of a mallard, Duck Green is a wonderful reminder of the exquisite colours of nature. Strong but subdued, it offers a contemporary alternative to charcoal shades for modern homes, and makes a warm and welcoming pair with...
from £4.95
Dutch Orange No.W76 A clean bright orange. Dutch Orange is a clean bright orange with the ability to enliven any space. With a dynamic quality that brings an enveloping warmth to rooms, it feels lively combined with Verdigris Green and Skimmed Milk White, and looks particularly stunning with a Duck...
from £4.95
Lake Red No.W92 An adventurous cool red. This adventurous colour appears red to some and pink to others, but always feels happy and vital. Fantastic in small spaces, Lake Red feels dynamic and energising used across walls, woodwork and ceilings, and works wonderfully inside cupboards.. Primer & Undercoat: Red &...
from £4.95
Crimson Red No.W93 A deep, warm pink. This deep, warm pink creates spaces that feel soft and inviting, especially when teamed with Skimmed Milk White on woodwork. Paired with dark tones, however, Crimson Red takes on a glamorous feel, with Scotch Blue in particular bringing out its rich and romantic...
from £4.95
Deep Reddish Brown No.W101 A deep, earthy brown. Deep, warm and welcoming, this shade was once popular in country houses, where it was often used to highlight the woodwork of back stairs. In a contemporary setting, it still makes a wonderful colour for walls, doors and trim alike, adding richness...

Your quick guide to Farrow and Ball paints and finishes

Are Farrow and Ball paints eco-friendly?

All Farrow and Ball paints are completely water-based making them great for the environment and also makes washing up afterwards really easy.

Which is the best finish to use in a reception room?

Farrow and Ball comes in a variety of finishes, but for walls, the Estate Emulsion is the classic Farrow and Ball chalky finish and is ideal for low-maintenance areas like reception rooms, bedrooms etc.

Which Farrow and Ball finish should I use in a bathroom?

The best finish to use in a bathroom or any space that is high-maintenance is the Modern finish. This comes in both emulsion and eggshell and is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, utility/boot rooms etc.

What finish is used for wooden floors?

Modern Eggshell is the toughest and most durable finish in the Farrow and Ball range and is perfect to use on all interior floors. It's really durable and has a lo-sheen level making it perfect for floors. This ultra-durable eggshell is tough enough for floors, and it can also be used throughout the home on skirting, doors, kitchen cabinets, furniture, and radiators.

What is the difference between Modern Emulsion and Estate Emulsion?

Farrow and Ball Estate Emulsion is the signature chalky matt finish for interior walls and ceilings that is wipeable but not washable, whereas the award-winning matt Modern Emulsion is Washable, scuff-proof, and protected against mould, it’s suitable for use in every room in the home.

For full details on all Farrow and Ball paints and finishes click here.

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