farrow - test collection

farrow - test collection

Farrow & Ball's paint collection includes a palette of unrivalled colours - created to ensure you succeed, whatever your style. Colour names, their origins and descriptions can be found below and on each individual product page.

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from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Hague Blue No.30 Hague Blue gets its name from the strongly coloured exterior woodwork much used by the Dutch, and still works fantastically well to ground skirtings or as an accent colour in little boys' rooms when teamed with Borrowed Light on the walls. It sits as happily...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Stiffkey Blue No.281 Stiffkey Blue is named after the north Norfolk beach where the mud, along with the cockles, is this particular blue hue. Although traditional in feel, it is often used as an alternative to Down Pipe to create rich dramatic contemporary spaces. However when used in...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Inchyra Blue No.289 This colour was first used at the classic Georgian Inchyra House to work with moody Scottish skies. It can be found on the exterior doors of their very impressive byre (barn) which nestles at the bottom of a rather grey and imposing brae (hill). Such...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Oval Room Blue No.85 Oval Room Blue is the most blackened of our blues, giving it a timeless pared down feel. It sits perfectly with the very popular greys, so is ideal for use in contemporary houses to create depth and balance in either a hall or a...
from £4.95
De Nimes® No.299. A down to earch and grounding blue. This quietly elegant blue feels wonderfully down to earth, so could be used on anything from a kitchen island to an airy drawing room. The exact shade is rooted in a regency palette but is inspired by the cloth of...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Borrowed Light No.235 Borrowed Light is named after the much desired extra illumination that often comes from a fanlight and really does evoke summer skies. It works as well in a room deprived of light as it does in an airy sunroom. It is perfect for use in...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Light Blue No.22 Light Blue has a fabulous silvery look to it when used in areas deprived of light so is very popular for use on the walls of internal halls, especially when the remainder of the house is painted in the cooler more neutral greys. When used...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Stone Blue No.86 Stone Blue feels regal and exclusive and really holds its own in any situation. This saturated colour can be used alongside anything from warm Brassica to create an interesting vintage look, to the cooler Mole's Breath for a much more contemporary feel. However when contrasted...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Skylight No.205 Skylight, like Borrowed Light is named after the traditional glazed area in ceilings often used to maximize natural light. However, it is less light reflective than Borrowed Light, reading as a definite cool blue when used in small spaces but becoming paler and greyer when used...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Vardo No.288 A Vardo is a traditional horse drawn gypsy or Romany wagon. A similar colour was used in the intricate patterning of these vehicles (usually over red) which is seen as an important cultural high point in decoration. This rich teal is so full of life...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Parma Gray No.27 Parma Gray, despite its name, reads as a cool blue and has been used in numerous costume dramas, contrasted with Wimborne White to create the perfect period feel. Its cool nature can make it feel quite formal, especially when contrasted with a bright white but...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Pale Powder No.204 Pale Powder is the most popular of our shades of aqua. It has an unparalleled softness and in north facing rooms can read almost as a delicate grey, but it is rarely cold due to the inclusion of green pigment. It is a great favourite...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Dix Blue No.82 Like many Farrow & Ball blues, Dix Blue has a large dose of green included in it, making it warm and easy to live. The addition of a small amount of black pigment means it has a comfortable vintage feel making it perfect for use...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Teresa's Green No.236 Teresa's Green has both a freshness as a result of its blue base and also a warmth from its green tones. The middle tone of our range of aquas, it has a therapeutic, calming feel but still feels cheerful, especially when combined with fresh White...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Lulworth Blue No.89. Lulworth Blue has an unsurpassed freshness, typical of a formal mid-tone Regency blue and so happily sits alongside similarly clean Arsenic or Citron. However, despite its brightness it can promote deep and peaceful sleep when used in low lit rooms, especially when used on both...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Green Blue No.84 Green Blue needs no explanation, it is exactly what it says – sometimes blue and sometimes green depending on the light conditions. This chameleon characteristic makes it a great favourite for family bathrooms, as the green keeps it warm and the blue keeps it fresh....
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Cabbage White No.269 Cabbage White is the named after the most delicate of butterflies, so is a very fitting name for this equally delicate colour. With its slight blue hue it is perfect for rooms that go up into the eaves, where you want to use just one...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Pitch Blue No.220 Pitch Blue, with its small dose of black pigment has an almost purple feel to it and is extremely lively in south facing rooms, especially when contrasted with All White or Charlotte's Locks. However it looks more sober and rich when used in areas deprived...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Blue Ground No.210 Blue Ground when used on walls, creates an upbeat happy atmosphere so is much used in playrooms as an accent colour, alongside Slipper Satin or Clunch, either on a feature wall or on cabinetry. Its subtle level of colour creates an optimistic, friendly environment being...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Cook's Blue No.237. Cook’s Blue was inspired by the romantic and poignant finish in the cook’s closet at Calke Abbey where the walls have been untouched over many decades. Its rich colour and brightness is perfect for use both in kitchens and exterior eating areas, as this...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball Pavilion Blue No.252 Pavilion Blue was inspired by the wonderful Regency colours in the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, although a little lighter in tone. When teamed with All White it has a clean fresh but not too cool feel which is perfect for use in bathrooms. It can...
from £4.95
Scotch Blue No.W24 A deep, intense blue. This intensely pigmented blue brings a smart look and luxurious atmosphere to any room, especially those designed for entertaining. Particularly eye-catching when combined with Ash Grey woodwork, Scotch Blue creates inviting spaces that you can’t wait to escape to at the end of...
from £4.95
Farrow and Ball St Giles Blue No.280 St Giles Blue, despite being inspired by a colour found in historic St Giles House is perfect for use on paneling for a very modern look. This vivid but charming tone cannot fail to make you smile, and will hold its own even in...
from £4.95
Ultra Marine Blue No.W29 A romantic mid-toned blue. A stunning blue with a slightly romantic feel, Ultra Marine Blue has been in favour since the 18th century, when it was often used to make small rooms feel bigger. For the contemporary home, it looks striking on cabinetry, especially combined with...
from £4.95
Imperial Purple No.W40 A rich deep purple. Deep Imperial Purple transforms dining rooms and other intimate spaces, creating a luxurious look and enveloping feel. Used in smaller quantities, such as inside a bookcase, it can add a rich pocket of colour to even the most neutral of rooms – try...

Your quick guide to Farrow and Ball paints and finishes

Are Farrow and Ball paints eco-friendly?

All Farrow and Ball paints are completely water-based making them great for the environment and also makes washing up afterwards really easy.

Which is the best finish to use in a reception room?

Farrow and Ball comes in a variety of finishes, but for walls, the Estate Emulsion is the classic Farrow and Ball chalky finish and is ideal for low-maintenance areas like reception rooms, bedrooms etc.

Which Farrow and Ball finish should I use in a bathroom?

The best finish to use in a bathroom or any space that is high-maintenance is the Modern finish. This comes in both emulsion and eggshell and is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, utility/boot rooms etc.

What finish is used for wooden floors?

Modern Eggshell is the toughest and most durable finish in the Farrow and Ball range and is perfect to use on all interior floors. It's really durable and has a lo-sheen level making it perfect for floors. This ultra-durable eggshell is tough enough for floors, and it can also be used throughout the home on skirting, doors, kitchen cabinets, furniture, and radiators.

What is the difference between Modern Emulsion and Estate Emulsion?

Farrow and Ball Estate Emulsion is the signature chalky matt finish for interior walls and ceilings that is wipeable but not washable, whereas the award-winning matt Modern Emulsion is Washable, scuff-proof, and protected against mould, it’s suitable for use in every room in the home.

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