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Little Greene - Green Collection

As with its previous colour-themed capsule collections, including ‘Grey’, ‘Blue’ and ‘Pink’, Little Greene has identified an unrivalled selection of 31 beautiful greens, each with a noteworthy origin, and each with an important place in contemporary interior design. There are 20 National Trust-derived shades, plus several important greens from Little Greene’s archives and the current colourcard have also been included.

Drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as Beatrix Potter’s Cumbrian farmhouse, George Bernard Shaw’s revolving writing hut and even mythical birds featured on the wallpaper hung by Chippendale at Nostell Priory, the new colourcard features some intriguing stories and a gamut of glorious greens in a comprehensive array of hues.

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from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Sage & Onion™ No. 288 Sage & Onion™ No. 288.  Authentic National Trust colour.
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Pendula™ No. 289 Pendula™ No. 289.  With reference to the common, yet rather striking white bark of ‘betula pendula’ (silver birch), this soft, muted shade is a timeless white. It will hold its colour when used with clean, bright white, but will read as a...
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Ulla™ No. 290 Ulla™ No. 290.  Authentic National Trust colour. After a wartime fire in 1942, the refurbishment of Melford Hall, a 16th-century Suffolk manor, was subject to the Danish influence of its then-owner Lady Ulla Hyde Parker. The result is a beautifully preserved example...
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - North Brink Grey™ No. 291 North Brink Grey™ No. 291.  Authentic National Trust colour. Built as a Georgian Merchant’s house by the philanthropic Peckover family in 1722, Peckover House sits proudly on North Brink in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, and was named in their honour when it...
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Putti™ No. 292 Putti™ No. 292.  Authentic National Trust colour. The baroque mansion Calke Abbey in Derbyshire was passed, via 12 generations of Baronet Henry Harpur’s family, into the National Trust’s care in 1985. The Dining Room, where this soft green was used for the...
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Pompeian Ash™ No. 293 Pompeian Ash™ No. 293.  Authentic National Trust colour. One of the most unusual British homes, 200-year-old Ickworth House in Suffolk was commissioned as the private residence of enigmatic world-traveller Frederick Hervey, on an estate the family had owned since the mid-15th...
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Obsidian Green™ No. 216 Obsidian Green No. 216. LRV (Light Reflectance Value) - 6 A classic off-black colour, Obsidian Green has since been a popular colour for front doors and exterior railings, but in the 1970s it provided a dramatic backdrop to natural wood furnishings and...
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Acorn Mid™ No. 294 Acorn Mid™ No. 294.  A natural partner for the slightly deeper version ‘Acorn’, this fresh colour sits very comfortably as a primary or secondary shade within a pale green interior, and equally well in a garden environment as an alternative to...
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Acorn No. 87. Acorn No. 87. LRV (Light Reflectance Value) – 65 Fresh and bright pale green, ideal for use in kitchens and conservatories, can also add light to dark interiors.
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Boringdon Green™ No. 295 Boringdon Green™ No. 295.  Authentic National Trust colour. Declared ‘the most impressive country house in Devon’ by the architectural critic Nikolaus Pevsner, Saltram House is a Jacobean mansion, completed in the 18th century for John Parker, 1st Baron Boringdon. An early...
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Windmill Lane™ No. 296 Windmill Lane™ No. 296.  Authentic National Trust colour. Bound on the east by Windmill Lane, Osterley Park is one of the largest open spaces in London, and in it sits a glorious manor house of the same name. Originally built as...
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Hopper™ No. 297 Hopper™ No. 297.  Authentic National Trust colour. This bold green is seen on the exterior woodwork at the home of the equally vibrant playwright George Bernard Shaw. Born in Portobello, Dublin, Shaw grew to love nature and was inspired by his garden....
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Puck™ No. 298 Puck™ No. 298.  Shakespeare famously used the name in his 1600 work A Midsummer Night’s Dream, for the character also known as Robin Goodfellow, but the origin of the word Puck in folklore is older still. Consistently a mischievous but inherently lonely...
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Pique™ No. 299 Pique™ No. 299.  A zingy, citrus white, this shade works best when partnered with stronger greens of a similar hue, or as part of a bright palette of well-lit, bold colours, in which it will sing.
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Wormwood™ No. 300 Wormwood™ No. 300. 
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Edith's Eye™ No. 301 Edith's Eye™ No. 301. Authentic National Trust colour. In its more recent history, Mount Stewart in Northern Ireland was owned by the 7th Marquess of Londonderry and his wife Edith, an influential early 20th-century society hostess. With many high-profile friends and...
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Sir Lutyens' Sage™ No. 302 Sir Lutyens' Sage™ No. 302.  Authentic National Trust colour. The last castle to be built in England, Castle Drogo was designed by the architect Sir Edwin Lutyens for Julius Drewe and was completed in 1930. Drewe was a wealthy entrepreneur...
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Jewel Beetle™ No. 303 Jewel Beetle™ No. 303.  Authentic National Trust colour. Ellen Terry, a renowned Shakespearean actress, was immortalised as Lady Macbeth in an 1889 portrait by John Singer Sargent. In that painting she is seen in a spectacular green dress, crocheted to look...
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Invisible Green No. 56. Invisible Green No. 56. LRV (Light Reflectance Value) - 9 Made popular by the landscape gardener Humphry Repton who recommended it for fencing and railings so that they would blend better with the background vegetation.
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Aquamarine Pale No. 282. Aquamarine - Pale - No 282. LRV (Light Reflectance Value) - 77. Colour scale of the popular colour Aquamarine™.
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Aquamarine Mid No. 284. Aquamarine - Mid - No 284. LRV (Light Reflectance Value) - 57. Colour scale of the popular colour Aquamarine™.e™.
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Aquamarine No. 138. Aquamarine No. 138. LRV (Light Reflectance Value) – 53 Classic blend of blue green using umber to create a subtlety which brings a gentle coolness and tranquility to a room.
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Ambleside™ No. 304 Ambleside™ No. 304.  In 1905, Hill Top Farm in Ambleside was bought by the legendary children’s writer Beatrix Potter as a home away from London and an artistic retreat. The farmhouse was fitted and furnished with many bargains from local sales and...
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Ho Ho Green™ No. 305 Ho Ho Green™ No. 305.  Authentic National Trust colour. The suite of State Rooms at the magnificent Nostell Priory near Wakefield in West Yorkshire was remodelled in the 18th century by Robert Adam and furnished by Thomas Chippendale. This green...
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Three Farm Green™ No. 306 Three Farm Green™ No. 306.  Authentic National Trust colour. The West Sussex estate on which Standen House sits was previously three farms, bought in 1890 by James Beale, a prosperous solicitor. He commissioned architect Philip Webb and the designer William...
from £4.95
Little Greene Paint Co - Hidey Hole™ No. 307 Hidey Hole™ No. 307.  Authentic National Trust colour. Secluded amongst trees in the grounds of George Bernard Shaw’s Hertfordshire residence is a small hut where Shaw found the tranquillity he needed to write. It was built on a circular steel track...