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Drawing inspiration from original 19th century logbooks and William Morris designs in our archive this authentic Morris & Co. palette is tailor-made for every budding craftsperson.


The words to excite every craftsperson: introducing the debut paint range from Arts & Crafts icon Morris & Co. available in two authentic finishes:

CHALKY MATT - Envelop interior walls and ceilings in our timeless Morris & Co. Paint palette. Gorgeously flat and with a minimal sheen Chalky Matt is ideal for interior walls and ceilings.

WATER-BASED ACRYLIC EGGSHELL - A versatile paint choice with colours from the Morris & Co. design archive use our Acrylic Eggshell for kitchens bathrooms hallways conservatories and exterior woodwork such as doors and window frames.

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from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Inky Fingers William Morris was remembered being “up to the elbow” in indigo, as he was trialling the reintroduction of the traditional indigo-discharge printing method at Merton Abbey. Inky Fingers harks back to this moment, where the founder of Morris & Co. was covered in the...
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Webbs Blue A dark blue, Webb’s Blue is perfect for adding a contrastingly moody touch to interiors. The colour is taken from one of the earliest Morris & Co. designs, Trellis (1864), for which Phillip Webb designed the birds perched upon the wooden frame.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Kelmscott Water This delicate blue with green undertones is taken from the background colour of the Lily design (c. 1873) in William Morris’s bedroom in Kelmscott Manor, Oxfordshire.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Mumingtons Stem Sampled from the Chrysanthemum design of 1877, Mumington’s Stem is a traditional green with hints of blue, perfect for adding a calming touch to any space.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Double Boughs A colour taken from the stems of foliage from the 1890s design of the same name, Double Boughs introduces a fresh vitality into interior spaces.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Herball Herball is a fragrant green taken from the delightful Daisy design of 1864.  Herball harks back to John Gerard’s c.1636 The Herball, an illustrated history of plants which William Morris was so fond of reading.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Wooded Dell Our darkest green, almost recalling the colour of evergreen trees at dusk, Wooded Dell offers immense drama and volume to interior spaces.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Twining Vine Twining Vine is a warm, earthy green derived from the endlessly interwoven and tangled stems of 1876 design, Honeysuckle.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Standen Clay Standen House boasts one of the greatest stores of Morris & Co. products, and provides the inspiration for this muted, timeworn green-grey.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Thames Reeds A neutral and softly subtle tone, Thames Reeds works perfectly to introduce a tranquil feel to any spaces. Thames Reeds draws upon the abundant plant life that thrives along the banks of the Thames.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | River Wandle Named after the river which supplied the water to the Morris & Co. fabric printing site at Merton Abbey, the overcast colour evokes the cool tones of the flowing river.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Dearle Dearle is a light-hearted blue tone which is derived from the Leicester Leaf design, created by Morris & Co. designer J.H. Dearle in 1912. An enlivening hue, Dearle is perfect for bringing joy to interior spaces.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Emery Blue Authentic and deep in colour, Emery Blue is taken from the background of the Willow wallpaper from Emery Walker’s house. Emery Walker was a noted Typographer and fond friend of William Morris.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Tump Derived from the old English dialect word for ‘a small, rounded hill or clump of trees’, Tump perfectly captures the verdant green colour of dense vegetation and natural themes so embodied by Morris & Co.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Leafy Arbour A paler green, evoking the climbing vines and swirling plant tendrils which populate the Morris & Co. portfolio.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Morris Trellis Directly sourced from one of the earliest Morris & Co. designs (Trellis, 1864), Morris’s Trellis is a gorgeously earthy green with hints of brown. Within the garden at William Morris’s Red House, the rose trellis was a gathering place for notable figures of the...
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Olive Fruit Inspired by the colours and fruits used in an early Morris & Co. design, Fruit (1864), Olive Fruit glows in a wholesomely earthy mid-tone.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Citrus Stone Citrus Stone introduces a brightening, mid-olive green hue into uplifting spaces, inspired by the colours and fruits used in an early Morris & Co. design, Fruit (1864).
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Blackthorn Blackthorn is a sheer dark tone frequently revisited and reimagined by Morris & Co. throughout its creative history. Blackthorn is also the name of one of Morris & Co.’s most complex and intricate designs, created by J.H. Dearle in 1892.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Muddy Warren Capturing the playful spirit of rabbits bounding in and out of burrows, Muddy Warren’s deep brown colour draws from this charming countryside scene.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Hares Coat Could there be a more regal colour than the soft, nutty brown of a Spring Hare’s coat?
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Sussex Rush Sussex Rush is a hearty brown that pays homage to the Sussex Chair, an iconic 19th century Morris & Co. furniture article that was produced with woven rushes.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Chrysanthemum A paint colour sampled from Morris & Co.’s 1877 Chrysanthemum design, Chrysanthemum captures some of the floral’s magnificent dusky pink.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Sweet Briar Certainly the sweetest colour in the range, Sweet Briar was taken from the early design, Trellis (1864), and exudes all the charm of stumbling across a wild rose on a country walk.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Wardle Wine Deepened with a plum-like tinge, this red has been reimagined based on a historic Morris & Co. paint palette. Thomas Wardle, an innovator in textile dyeing techniques relied upon by Morris & Co., gives his name to this classic red.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Madox Madder Filled with a nostalgic warmth, this true, deep red was taken from the Morris & Co. logbook entry for the 1879 Sunflower design. Ford Madox Brown, a founding partner of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. who designed furniture and stained glass, gives his name...
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Rose Cockle Sweet, charming, and light, Rose Cockle  is pure pleasure. The dainty flowers of the rose cockle appear in the Daisy design of 1864, providing the source for this light-hearted colour.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Strawberry Thief Like the thrush in William Morris’s enduringly popular design by the same name, we adore the richly bright strawberry colour in this delicious paint.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Pearwood Pearwood has a soothing, hemp-like hue, made for uplifting schemes. Referring to the material used to cut the original printing blocks, Pearwood recalls the hand-crafted nature of production valued by Morris & Co.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Powdered Chalk Powdered Chalk offers a crisp, off-white colour, reminding us of the ‘Powdered’ wallpaper design proudly hanging in Standen House.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Sunflower Taken from a later Morris & Co. fabric design also called Sunflower, Sunflower Yellow is one of the warmest colours in our range, loved for reminding us of unforgettable summer sunsets.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Weld Yellow A refreshing sunshine yellow, Weld Yellow is an uplifting hue with an abundant sense of joy. Weld is a dye substance derived from the weld plant, producing a vibrant yellow for which Morris, the expert colourist, had a natural affinity.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Spring Thicket Dawn A colour drawn from the original logbook entry for Spring Thicket (1894), Spring Thicket Dawn reminds us of the early morning sun’s rays filtered through bushes and branches.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Red House The Red House in Bexleyheath, designed for William Morris by friend and architect Phillip Webb, was a site of cultural and intellectual exchange for those within the Arts & Crafts movement. We honour that heritage by naming this brownish-red, reminiscent of the house’s brickwork,...
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Thorned Rose Recalling the thorned roses which populate the 1864 Morris & Co. design, Trellis, Thorned Rose is a strikingly atmospheric colour.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Barbed Berry Drawn from an original Morris & Co. paint palette, Barbed Berry is subdued, yet fruity. A charming off-red tone which recalls the berries and fruits that decorate so many of Morris & Co.’s fabric and wallpaper patterns.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Farringdon Grey A cool architectural tone, Farringdon Grey is drawn from a colour listed under the Willow design from the original 1905 logbook. William Morris was a leading figure of the Socialist League, which had its office in a loft in Farringdon Street, giving its name...
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Fired Biscuit The light brownish colour of clay before it has been fired, known as biscuit, is the perfect way of describing our Fired Biscuit paint. A celebration of Morris’s enthusiastic use of neutrals, Fired Biscuit is drawn from numerous colour listings for flowerheads within the...
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | The Firms White Our authoritative white. Morris & Co. was known by colleagues as ‘The Firm’, an indication of the affection its workers had for the revolutionary company.
from £5.00
Morris & Co. | Ernest White The naming of this grey-tinted white honours the creative partnership between Ernest Gimson, a leading light of the Arts & Crafts movement, and Morris & Co.


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