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Mylands Paint - Beautiful yet durable, Mylands colours are authentic and pure with an exceptional warmth and sumptuously rich depth of colour, derived from a superior marble matt emulsion with 38% pigment content.

Expertly blended using only premium quality ingredients and natural earth pigments, all 120 colours are London made and inspired, each available in a comprehensive range of interior and exterior paint finishes and equally suited to both classic and contemporary interiors.

Product Information

Attributes & Quality

Mylands paints are water based with a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content, making them virtually solvent free and kind to you, your family and the environment. Formulations are easy to apply and almost odourless, with quick drying times and easy clean-up of paint brushes.

Mylands are one of the last remaining manufacturers to still use natural earth pigments in our paint, making them sumptuously deep and colour rich as well as eco-friendly.

Our signature paint, the Marble Matt Emulsion, is a water based acrylic emulsion which has outstanding opacity resulting in excellent coverage per litre, with one litre of our paint covering approximately 15m2. Our paints are fast drying and washable, making it ideal for any interior walls, including kitchens and bathrooms. Order a sample pot to pick the right shade for your project.

The wood and metal range of paints, available in matt (8% sheen), eggshell (23% sheen) or gloss (80% sheen) finishes are suitable as both interior or exterior paints. Extremely hardwearing and perfect for spraying, our wood & metal range is suitable for woodwork, metalwork, front doors, or skirting boards. They are fast drying, very durable and easy to wipe clean.


Prep is the key for perfect paintwork. Make sure to have tools, fillers, sealants, sand paper and paint ready for your projects or renovations. When it comes to painting any surface, be it woodwork, metalwork or masonry, make sure to put the work in before application To get the best effect, ensure surfaces are smooth, bump and dirt free before applying a primer and the final choice of colour.

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from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Acanthus Leaf® No. 12. Acanthus Leaf® No. 12. This shade was inspired by the colour of carved marble relief on columns at The British Museum.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Alderman® No. 60. Alderman® No. 60. A London Stone colour, from an original shade in the 1950s British Standard colour card.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Amber Grey No. 156. Amber Grey No. 156. An historic London colour from our archives, originally influenced by French design.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Archway House® No. 106. Archway House® No. 106. A colour lovingly recreated from a wallpaper document of circa 1800 found near Clapham Old Town.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Artillery Ground No. 164. Artillery Ground No. 164. Dedicated to London’s oldest Regiment, the Honourable Artillery Company, whose City Grounds have been used for over 500 years.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Arts Club No. 281. Arts Club No. 281. Originally a Mylands archive ‘deep red’, used down the years by the performing arts.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Beaufort Gardens® No. 212. Beaufort Gardens® No. 212. This colour was inspired by Wedgwood pottery and supplied to a customer in this Knightsbridge street.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Beauvais No. 195. Beauvais No. 195. Printed as an historic colour in the 1930s Book of Colours and influenced by French tapestry colours.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Bedford Square® No. 229. Bedford Square® No. 229. Painstakingly matched for authenticity to a documented wallpaper colour discovered in Bedford Square.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Beehive Place™ No. 140 (Sunshine Yellow Paint) Beehive Place™ No. 140. Combining umber, green and white to form a bright sunshine yellow. Named after the street of the original 1884 Mylands store. This colour is warm and muted yet bold enough to make a statement. White Primer...
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Belgravia® No. 6. Belgravia No. 6. A stunning, pure white with a tiny addition of Red Ochre giving a light, warm undertone.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Blackout No. 41. Blackout No. 41. One of our archive colours, named in memory of wartime London. An intriguing colour that can appear dark grey or green dependent on the light.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Bloomsbury® No. 267 Bloomsbury® No. 267. A beautiful colour from London’s earliest surviving paint colour card.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Blueprint No. 50. Blueprint No. 50. Reminiscent of the traditional ‘blue’ used in historical architectural blueprints house at the National archives.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Boathouse No. 33. Boathouse No. 33. Named after the many boathouses that line the River Thames from London to Lechlade. This attractive blue is vibrant but not overpowering.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Bond Street No. 219. Bond Street No. 219. A smart blue supplied to a property in Bond Street.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Borough Market No. 38. Borough Market No. 38. A wonderfully dramatic dark green named after the market’s iconic iron building.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Bridge Blue No. 222. Bridge Blue No. 222. This colour reminds us of the pale blue used to paint London’s Albert Bridge.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Brompton Road No. 205. Brompton Road No. 205. At the heart of Fulham and Chelsea this colour, retrieved from our records, was originally supplied to a house in this street.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Burlington Arcade No. 216. Burlington Arcade No. 216. A robust shade influenced by this historic shopping arcade in Central London.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Cadogan Stone No. 59. Cadogan Stone No. 59. A stone colour, subtle and elegant, warm yet crisp, inspired by a historic shade discovered in Cadogan Square.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Cavendish Cream® No. 120. Cavendish Cream® No. 120. Inspired by the stucco exterior colour of John Nash’s grand historic work of 1825.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Chambers Gate No. 85. Chambers Gate No. 85. A colour reflective of the home of England’s legal profession and one of London’s most influential neoclassical architects.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Charterhouse® No. 4. Charterhouse® No. 4. Reproduced for prestigious lawyers’ offices in Charterhouse Street. Pure white with a hint of concentrated blue.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Chester Square No. 199. Chester Square No. 199. Colour-matched to a wallpaper fragment circa 1840, discovered in a house in this garden square.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Chiswick No. 100. Chiswick No. 100. A bold, traditional off-white colour that we have recreated especially for this collection.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Circle Line No. 45. Circle Line No. 45. A bright traditional yellow which will intensify in larger areas.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Clerkenwell No. 21. Clerkenwell No. 21. A warm neutral with a hint of yellow ochre, giving a warm undertone.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Copper Green No. 36. Copper Green No. 36. Inspired by the green patina of weathered copper roofs.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Coral Orange™ No. 277 (Vibrant Coral Orange Paint) Coral Orange™ No. 277. A colour reminiscent of underwater coral marine life. Bright red and yellow come together to form a vibrant and muddy orange shade full of optimism. Orange Primer and Undercoat.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Cornhill No. 128. Cornhill No. 128. Originated from tapestries of the Middle Ages and reproduced as a popular paint colour in the 19th and 20th centuries.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Cotton Street No. 3. Cotton Street No. 3. A clean cool white, originally from our archives. Cotton Street was named after the East India Company, which traded in commodities including cotton, silk and indigo dye during the 16th −19th century.


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