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Mylands Paint - Beautiful yet durable, Mylands colours are authentic and pure with an exceptional warmth and sumptuously rich depth of colour, derived from a superior marble matt emulsion with 38% pigment content.

Expertly blended using only premium quality ingredients and natural earth pigments, all 120 colours are London made and inspired, each available in a comprehensive range of interior and exterior paint finishes and equally suited to both classic and contemporary interiors.

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from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Pure White No. 1. Pure White - No. 1. A brilliant blend of pure white pigment, China clay and crushed marble.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Threadneedle No. 262. Threadneedle No. 262. A subtle pale pink, white with a hint of violet. This refined shade adds a subtle blush.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Bond Street No. 219. Bond Street No. 219. A smart blue supplied to a property in Bond Street.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Borough Market No. 38. Borough Market No. 38. A wonderfully dramatic dark green named after the market’s iconic iron building.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Maritime No. 236. Maritime No. 236. Inspired by the boating lake in Regent’s Park. Blue with a hint of red.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Belgravia® No. 6. Belgravia No. 6. A stunning, pure white with a tiny addition of Red Ochre giving a light, warm undertone.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Maugham White No. 2. Maugham White No. 2. A serene and traditional white originally created for a restoration project. Named in honour of Syrie Maugham, a leading British interior decorator of the 1920’s and 1930’s who popularised all-white rooms.This colour reminds us of the pale blue used...
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Brompton Road No. 205. Brompton Road No. 205. At the heart of Fulham and Chelsea this colour, retrieved from our records, was originally supplied to a house in this street.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Sloane Square® No. 92. Sloane Square® No. 92. Stylish, refined and fashionable, this shade is named after this elegant London square.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Messel No. 39. Messel No. 39. This intense rich olive is an interpretation of a colour used by Oliver Messel the English artist and one of the foremost stage and screen designers of the 20th century.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Mayfair Dark No. 218. Mayfair Dark No. 218. Circa 1760, a wallpaper document colour discovered in Berkeley Square.
from £27.00
Mylands Paint - Wood Primer & Undercoat (White) This is a waterbased acrylic primer/undercoat for use on timber and fiberboard substrates. This is a waterbased acrylic primer/undercoat for use on timber and fiberboard substrates. It is suitable for interior and exterior use. The product’s speed of dry allows for two...
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Museum No. 151. Museum No. 151. Inspired by a colour from London’s iconic Victorian-era museums.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Blueprint No. 50. Blueprint No. 50. Reminiscent of the traditional ‘blue’ used in historical architectural blueprints house at the National archives.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Charterhouse® No. 4. Charterhouse® No. 4. Reproduced for prestigious lawyers’ offices in Charterhouse Street. Pure white with a hint of concentrated blue.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Holland Park No. 5. Holland Park No. 5. This versatile light yellowed off-white was originally made for a period property in the heart of Holland Park.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Blackout No. 41. Blackout No. 41. One of our archive colours, named in memory of wartime London. An intriguing colour that can appear dark grey or green dependent on the light.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Fitzrovia® No. 26. Fitzrovia® No. 26. An artistic and bohemian enclave of London since the 1820s, and the inspiration for this subtle shade.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Long Acre® No. 102. Long Acre® No. 102. This shade is dedicated to one of the earliest recorded sales of blue paint, to a Mrs. Adams of Long Acre in 1777.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Chambers Gate No. 85. Chambers Gate No. 85. A colour reflective of the home of England’s legal profession and one of London’s most influential neoclassical architects.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Cotton Street No. 3. Cotton Street No. 3. A clean cool white, originally from our archives. Cotton Street was named after the East India Company, which traded in commodities including cotton, silk and indigo dye during the 16th −19th century.
from £27.00
Mylands Paint - Wood Primer & Undercoat (Dark Grey) This is a waterbased acrylic primer/undercoat for use on timber and fiberboard substrates. This is a waterbased acrylic primer/undercoat for use on timber and fiberboard substrates. It is suitable for interior and exterior use. The product’s speed of dry allows for...
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Beauvais No. 195. Beauvais No. 195. Printed as an historic colour in the 1930s Book of Colours and influenced by French tapestry colours.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Oratory® No. 237. Oratory® No. 237. An homage to the beautiful stone interior of Brompton Oratory.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Downing Street No. 10. Downing Street No. 10. One of our archive colours this true pitch black is named after the iconic front door.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Rose Theatre® No. 249. Rose Theatre® No. 249. A greyish, warm white, whose new name we dedicated to the site of the first Elizabethan theatre on the Bankside.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Ludgate Circus No. 89. Ludgate Circus No. 89. This threshold between The City and Westminster was built in 1875 of distinctive Haytor granite from Dartmoor.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Islington No. 23. Islington No. 23. A versatile neutral grey. Originally created for a residence in Islington.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Cadogan Stone No. 59. Cadogan Stone No. 59. A stone colour, subtle and elegant, warm yet crisp, inspired by a historic shade discovered in Cadogan Square.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Sinner No. 238. Sinner No. 238. A bone black pigment colour with a subtle hint of grey.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Observatory No. 34. Observatory No. 34. A deeply intense indigo blue inspired by the night sky.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Mid Wedgewood No. 113. Mid Wedgewood No. 113. A striking blue originally created by Parsons, influenced by the 18th Century Wedgwood potteries.


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