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Mylands Paint | Archive Colours

A selection of paints from the Mylands paint archives. Available in all sizes and finishes, including the amazing Marble Matt Emulsion.
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from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Proper Blue™ No. 67 (Bold Ocean Blue Paint) Proper Blue™ No. 67. A bold and energetic deep cobalt blue of green, violet, and black. Evoking an ocean of endless depth whilst still appearing tranquil and still, it pairs beautifully with almost any colour scheme. Dark Grey Primer...
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Sorrel Green™ No. 207 (Botanical Green Paint) Sorrel Green™ No. 207. Inspired by the perennial herb, bring elements of the outside world in with this vibrant botanical green. Containing bright yellow, umber, and a touch of white. Light Grey Primer and Undercoat.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Rose Taupe™ No. 292 (Vintage Brown Grey Paint) Rose Taupe™ No. 292. A vintage feel, deep brownish grey containing bright yellow, red and black pigment. this warm shade originally from The British Colour Council is both a timeless neutral yet rich and atmospheric. Light Grey Primer and...
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Red Post Hill™ No. 68 (Post Box Red Paint) Red Post Hill™ No. 68. Named after a South London Road, this classic post box red contains a mix of six pigments: bright red, magenta, violet, black, yellow, and white. Pink Primer and Undercoat.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Pleasure Gardens Green™ No. 214 (Dark Leafy Green Paint) Pleasure Gardens Green™ No. 214. A dark green containing red with a drop of violet to deepen the tone. Named after the leafy Vauxhall gardens on the south bank of the River Thames and just a stone’s throw...
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Peach Flesh Pink™ No. 268 (Pastel Pink Paint) Peach Flesh Pink™ No. 268. This fresh peachy shade is both punchy but delicate and incredibly versatile, containing yellow oxide and bright red pigment. White Primer and Undercoat.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Gentleman's Pink™ No. 221 (Pastel Pink Paint) Gentleman's Pink™ No. 221. A pastel pale pink with a drop of red and violet. Inspired by an English gentleman’s shirt, this subtle shade is packed with character. White Primer and Undercoat.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Enamel Blue™ No. 78 (Striking Light Blue Paint) Enamel Blue™ No. 78. A richly pigmented light and bright blue. A combination of white, black, and violet form a striking and serene shade. Light Grey Primer and Undercoat.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Empire-Violet™ No. 80 (Regal Violet Paint) Empire-Violet™ No. 80. A regal, jewel-like dark purple of red, umber, and black. This statement hue from the British Colour Council creates both intimacy and drama in any room. Dark Grey Primer and Undercoat.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Egerton Place™ No. 297 (Mushroom Neutral Paint) Egerton Place™ No. 297. A deep, earthy mushroom pink of umber and red with a touch of black. This bespoke colour was originally created for an attractive period property on this sought after West London square. White Primer and Undercoat.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Coral Orange™ No. 277 (Vibrant Coral Orange Paint) Coral Orange™ No. 277. A colour reminiscent of underwater coral marine life. Bright red and yellow come together to form a vibrant and muddy orange shade full of optimism. Orange Primer and Undercoat.
from £4.95
Mylands Paints - Beehive Place™ No. 140 (Sunshine Yellow Paint) Beehive Place™ No. 140. Combining umber, green and white to form a bright sunshine yellow. Named after the street of the original 1884 Mylands store. This colour is warm and muted yet bold enough to make a statement. White Primer...


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