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Mylands Paint - Beautiful yet durable, Mylands colours are authentic and pure with an exceptional warmth and sumptuously rich depth of colour, derived from a superior marble matt emulsion with 38% pigment content.

Expertly blended using only premium quality ingredients and natural earth pigments, all 120 colours are London made and inspired, each available in a comprehensive range of interior and exterior paint finishes and equally suited to both classic and contemporary interiors.

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from £27.00
Mylands Paint - Wood Primer & Undercoat (Dark Grey) This is a waterbased acrylic primer/undercoat for use on timber and fiberboard substrates. This is a waterbased acrylic primer/undercoat for use on timber and fiberboard substrates. It is suitable for interior and exterior use. The product’s speed of dry allows for...
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Stockwell Green® No. 203. Stockwell Green® No. 203. The site of the original Mylands shop opened in 1884. A mixture of dark Georgian and rich apple green.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Lock Keeper No. 18. Lock Keeper No. 18. A rich, warm grey-brown named for the many ‘Keepers of Keys’ around London and the Thames estuary.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Fitzrovia® No. 26. Fitzrovia® No. 26. An artistic and bohemian enclave of London since the 1820s, and the inspiration for this subtle shade.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Drury Lane® No. 115. Drury Lane® No. 115. An authentic colour originally blended by commission from a theatre on Drury Lane.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Burlington Arcade No. 216. Burlington Arcade No. 216. A robust shade influenced by this historic shopping arcade in Central London.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Mews Blue® No. 98. Mews Blue® No. 98. A subtle, cleansing colour, painstakingly recreated by one of London’s most experienced colourmen.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Hurlingham® No. 181. Hurlingham® No. 181. A green shade with a Georgian influence. A subtle colour choice for many settings.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Hoxton Grey® No. 72. Hoxton Grey® No. 72. This cool grey colour was developed for a contemporary interior near Shoreditch.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Whitehall® No. 9. Whitehall® No. 9. Pure white with a hint of yellow ochre. Originally created for a property near Whitehall.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - The Boltons® No. 28. The Boltons® No. 28. A classic off-white colour made specifically for a property in this exclusive part of Kensington and Chelsea.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Sinner No. 238. Sinner No. 238. A bone black pigment colour with a subtle hint of grey.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Primrose Hill No. 201. Primrose Hill No. 201. A colour made for a customer in Primrose Hill. Its origins are from Verdure tapestries.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Leadenhall® No. 118. Leadenhall® No. 118. A colour made for an address close to one of London’s most evocative historic markets.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Haymarket No. 47. Haymarket No. 47. Inspired by Haymarkets history of farmers selling their crops to Londoners.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Hawkesmoor® No. 112. Hawkesmoor® No. 112. A backdrop for quiet contemplation, this colour is dedicated to the architect Nicholas Hawkesmoor.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Empire Grey No. 171. Empire Grey No. 171. This confident, classic grey is an essential addition to our most popular colour selections.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Downing Street No. 10. Downing Street No. 10. One of our archive colours this true pitch black is named after the iconic front door.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Boathouse No. 33. Boathouse No. 33. Named after the many boathouses that line the River Thames from London to Lechlade. This attractive blue is vibrant but not overpowering.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Beaufort Gardens® No. 212. Beaufort Gardens® No. 212. This colour was inspired by Wedgwood pottery and supplied to a customer in this Knightsbridge street.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Soho House No. 266. Soho House No. 266. Colour used on a house in London’s Soho. With deep tones of magenta, this shade is rich and warm.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Rothschild Street No. 296. Rothschild Street No. 296. A contemporary colour named after the place where we produce our paints in Lambeth.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Lavender Garden No. 30 Lavender Garden No. 30. A warm neutral from our archives, originally created for a residence in Smithfield.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Kensington Rose® No. 22. Kensington Rose® No. 22. Inspired by exquisite hand-blocked wallpaper with miniature white roses.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Honest John® No. 58. Honest John® No. 58. A traditional off-white named after John Myland, or ‘Honest John’ who founded the company in 1884.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Grosvenor Square No. 109. Grosvenor Square No. 109. A classic pale grey evocative of the beautiful classical facades of this grand square.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Elgin No. 20. Elgin No. 20. This versatile neutral originates from our archive and takes its name from the Elgin marbles. A true chameleon − can appear pink or green dependant on surroundings.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Circle Line No. 45. Circle Line No. 45. A bright traditional yellow which will intensify in larger areas.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Bridge Blue No. 222. Bridge Blue No. 222. This colour reminds us of the pale blue used to paint London’s Albert Bridge.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Artillery Ground No. 164. Artillery Ground No. 164. Dedicated to London’s oldest Regiment, the Honourable Artillery Company, whose City Grounds have been used for over 500 years.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Alderman® No. 60. Alderman® No. 60. A London Stone colour, from an original shade in the 1950s British Standard colour card.
from £4.75
Mylands Paints - Pale Lilac No. 246. Pale Lilac No. 246. White with soft lilac tones. A traditional colour with origins in the early 19th Century.


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